What’s Included – Retreats

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During the cleansing retreat, attention is given to you on every level… physically, mentally, and emotionally…

  • Learn how the body truly works, how we can help it or harm it and where our body pain is stored (our issues live in our tissues).
  • Learn about proper forms of exercise in order to move the lymphatic system as well as massage, reflexology and energy healing.
  • Learn the connection between your mind and body.
  • Sweat, relax, enjoy a colonic, let the tension go and sleep.
  • Learn about organic foods, the power of juicing, your relationship with food and early messages about eating.
  • Explore your eating habits, meditate, hear your thoughts and get in touch with your mind.
  • Stimulate your mind by what you take in and what you let out.
  • The Spirit is everywhere; experience it in the sauna, during morning yoga on the lawn and on the grounds as you journal becoming aware of the “Aha” moments.
  • Be present to yourself through guided imagery meditations and nurture your own unique spiritual connection.
  • Leave the retreat with more self-discipline, feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments!

Your Retreat Package also Includes…

  • 5 nights accommodations at the #1 health spa in the country, located in San Diego, CA.
  • Unlimited use of the resort’s 3 mineral pools
  • Access to the authentic Finnish sauna 24 hours a day
  • All of your fresh natural juices and teas
  • Gift Basket including:
    • Tongue scrapers
    • Dry brushes
    • CD of soothing music
    • Itinerary/ Welcoming packets  with the schedule, topics, pre cleanse information
    • Journals
    • Pens
    • Supplement bags
  • Inspirational reading materials
  • Evening classes with Andrea


Full Schedule:

Sunday:  Meet and greet with Andrea. Come enjoy fresh vegetable juice and discuss the exciting week ahead!



  • Juices and why we cleanse
  • The toxic conversation
  • Stress reduction and moving the lymph system (demonstrating skin brushing, sweating, chi machine, rebounder and self lymphatic massage)


  • Our skin is the largest organ of your body! Why we ONLY use non toxic products. Andrea shares her favorite skin care, body lotions, toothpaste etc.
  • Detox side effects and how to overcome them. Dealing with the emotions that come up during a cleanse and fasting


  • What are GMO’S and why we need to avoid them!  How to clean out your pantry and fridge and how to deal with the emotions that come up when you “clean up” your diet!


  • Fermented foods and different types of eating (paleo, raw vegan, raw dairy…is it needed?)
  • All your cleansing questions finally answered!
  • Raw food and food combining 101
  • TIPS on how to move forward to lead a cleansing life style from now on!


Goodbye new friends Hello healthy lifestyle changes! Enjoy a walk with Andrea followed by a final toast of green juice & a breaking of our fast with fresh seasonal fruits!


Available Detox Spa Retreats


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