Ever want to get away?

Have you ever wanted to just get away? Run away from all the hustle and bustle of this busy World we live in?  I’ve got FANTASTIC news for all of you! I’m going to make you wait for a day or two though and share a little poem I wrote first! Good things always come to those who wait! The truth is After a day of not being able to breath through my nose last week because of all the smog in the air. After seeing some guy at the gym recommending a free “flu shot” and being honked at three times the second a red light turned to green, I was inspired to belt out this poem for all of you. It literally took me less than a minute. Enjoy the poem below, may we all find peace in this ever growing technology overload government driven society.
Is it crazy to want to run away
it’s sometimes hard to bear the day
to find a land without the hustle and bustle
clean air to breath and no government to muscle
Is it strange to want to disappear
to a place where clean air is near
I feel stronger than the general race
who lives in fear without a face
bowing down to this place of control
our food, our air are very soul
It’s not my time to break away just yet
with lives to change and goals to be met
In the end you will see
this World we live in needs to just “be”

All my love and sun filled beautiful days sent from my heart to yours!


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